These Are the National Park Service Lands That Support EV Charging

As electric vehicle (EV) sales in the US continue to rise, I began to wonder which government agencies were supporting our zero-emission enterprise. While we can all (hopefully) agree that electric vehicles are the future of personalized transportation, the EV ecosystem that supports such an undertaking has been somewhat slow to materialize.

As an avid adventurer and traveler, some of America’s most coveted locations that are worthy of a trip reside in our country’s National Parks. From Maine’s Acadia National Park to California’s Joshua Tree, the US contains a whopping 61 National Parks, most of which are worth visiting (sorry Congaree).

With this background in travel and exploration in mind, I decided to do a bit of digging. Scouring news tabloids and federal agency websites, I compiled a list of every National Park Service territory that offers electric vehicle charging. And then, because most of us hate unadorned lists, I created a map of these National lands that suits the visual learner’s needs (fortunately for you, I’m one of them). Truthfully I found myself omitting both Hawaii and Alaska do largely to the limitations that come from getting your Tesla to an island or a secluded state that’s 500 miles from the continental US (I’m really sorry Alaska). But I hope this illustration demonstrates how far we’ve come, and how far we need to go.

The National Park Service lands that support electric vehicle charging

As we can see from the map, only 14 National Park Service lands currently offer electric vehicle charging ports. And of these, only 9 are actually National Parks. Chances are high that we’ll see these figures increase over time; after all, some of our country’s most coveted and protected lands receive millions of tourists each year (I’m looking at you, Yosemite). But take this map simply as an indication of what’s to come. EV technology has only gained widespread acceptance within the past decade, and improvements to that ecosystem are an uphill battle. But should you decide to take your EV on a road trip to the nearest National destination, consider choosing one of these — you’re gonna need the juice.

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