Nalgene Wide Mouth 32oz Water Bottle

What is it?

Nalgene’s classic design hasn’t changed in decades, and for good reason. This impact-resistant bottle features an anchored screw-on cap that won’t leak and won’t roll off the side of a mountain, making it the ideal hydration partner while hiking, backpacking, or walking around town. Stuff ice into the wide mouth if you want your water chilled, and use the measurements on the side when cooking at camp or filtering water in the backcountry.

What problem does it solve?

Everyone is drinking more water in 2020. Why we’re only now hyping the importance of hydration is something of a mystery, but I digress. Research conducted by Penn State suggests that one person switching to a reusable water bottle can save over 200 cheapo plastic bottles from hitting the landfill in a single year. At no point has our impact on the world mattered more. Purchase a Nalgene to save not only your long-term money, but your planet as well.

Should you buy it?

Designer water bottles from the likes of Hydro Flask and Grayl cost an arm and a leg to own. While keeping your liquids chilled or piping hot for hours is convenient, spending $90 just to store said liquid isn’t. Meanwhile, Nalgene’s wide mouth water bottle costs upwards of $10 (but you can often find it for less). Though it isn’t insulated, chances are you’ll reach for it just as often as you would those other overpriced vessels.

Answer: yes, you should buy it.

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