Mountain Hardwear Multi-Pitch 30 Backpack

What is it?

Mountain Hardwear’s Multi-Pitch 30 is a simple, durable pack that’s built for everyday climbs and multi-pitch ascents. Practical pockets, internal gear loops, and a stowaway hydration sleeve keep everything organized so you can focus solely on the climb. As you make your way up a pitch, the pack’s dual haul points and tuck-away shoulder straps allow you to easily secure and hump the pack at an anchor while a durable cotton canvas and Kevlar bottom withstand any potential abrasion from the rocks.

What problem does it solve?

On-route packs come in all shapes and sizes. While countless options advertise a lightweight construction or pockets of varying sizes, the Multi-Pitch 30 instead chooses to keep things simple and spacious. I can stow a puffer, shoes, rack, water bottle, and more with ease. Yet of the many features it offers, the heavy-duty design is the principal selling point. This pack shrugs off rain, dust, dirt, and constant abuse from yours truly. I expect it to last for years.

Should you buy it?

The longer I’ve owned this pack, the more I’ve come to use it beyond the crag. That single roomy compartment holds a laptop, snacks, and gear for the climbing gym to make any cross-town bike commute a breeze. Again it’s the pack’s construction that blows me away when all is said and done. After all, how many manufacturers incorporate Kevlar materials into the design of any pack? Mountain Hardwear made a winner.

Answer: yes, you should buy it.

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