Gerber Shard

What is it?

The Gerber Shard is a seven-in-one keychain multi-tool that will quickly win your heart when someone asks for a bottle opener at your next campout. Made of stainless steel and a titanium nitride coating to protect against potential corrosion, tools include a pry bar, small flathead driver, large flathead driver, Phillips driver, wire stripper, bottle opener, and lanyard hole. Oh, and it’s airline safe.

What problem does it solve?

You don’t really need a keychain multi-tool until you need a keychain multi-tool. From tightening loose doorknobs to popping bottle caps, I’ve whipped out Gerber’s mighty lil’ Shard more times than I could ever count. While the lanyard hole is a bit large (I’m not even sure a hole can be considered a “tool”) and the form factor isn’t ideal, this unimposing piece of metal excels at helping with the tasks you didn’t see coming. And there’s nothing better than playing the hero when someone asks for a bottle opener. Seriously, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Should you buy it?

The Gerber Shard is a measly $5 on Amazon, which means you’ll probably get your money’s worth after just a few uses. And because it’s a simple piece of stainless steel, the Shard will stick by your side for years to come. The keychain multi-tool market is filled with superfluous creations that are always trying to reinvent the wheel, but why? As my geometry teacher always said, keep it simple, stupid.

Answer: yes, you should buy it.

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