Patagonia Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack

What is it?

Patagonia’s Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack isn’t just any other fanny pack. Instead, it’s an ultralight, packable, water-resistant bum bag that features the best combination of modern colorways and durable design. Take it on day hikes, far-flung travels, or trips into town and find solace in the ripstop fabric that’s ready to embrace any adventure. When it’s not in use, the pack stuffs down into its own front pocket to fit conveniently inside any daypack, duffel bag, or cargo pocket.

What problem does it solve?

While festival culture has laid claim to the waist pack in recent years, nearly every clothing brand has since devised their own version of this timeless design for honest outdoor affairs. Because the fanny pack delivers more room than a typical pocket, yet occupies less space than a daypack, it serves a genuine purpose despite the cultural punch line. When I’m carrying more than my wallet, phone, and keys, my instinct is to reach for a daypack. But that’s when the Mini Hip Pack catches my eye, and suddenly I’m reminded that I can carry all my shit around my waist (and still look good while I do).

Should you buy it?

Fanny packs are a dime-a-dozen these days. Cotopaxi provides the Bataan 3L fanny pack in a range of striking designs for the open-air fashionista. And Osprey offers the Talon 6, a 6L hip pack complete with not one, but two padded bottle sleeves for additional hydration on those serious outings. While Patagonia’s offering to the fanny pack Gods is cool, it’s simply not enough to make waves. With only 1 liter of storage and a design that’s better suited for the backyard barbecue antics of summer, you’d be wise to invest in something that’s perhaps less stylish, but far more capable.

Answer: no, you shouldn’t buy it.

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