About Me

My name is Cameron Vigliotta, and I began my career as a writer in 2017. While growing up in Massachusetts, I found it easiest to express myself whenever I put words to paper, but it took a little longer to turn that into a full-time gig. In fact, it took moving across the country to unexpectedly realize I wanted to pursue a career as a writer in the first place. But I haven’t looked back since.

After establishing roots in the iconic Pacific Northwest, I began crafting stories that run the gamut of emotions. I’ve created entertaining work that details backcountry escapades in search of Bigfoot, just as I’ve written feature pieces that embrace brands you’re probably familiar with. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, I only wish for my writing to leave the world in a better place than I found it. While I realize a singular piece of work can’t stop the world’s fires from burning or convince you to buy something used before you buy new, I hope that what I can do is prompt you, the virtuous reader, to see the world with a fresh set of eyes.

There will always be a reason not to do something.