How a Northwest Artist Combines Weed, Cider and Design

The most eye-catching cider Feiger concocts is the one he can’t legally sell—it’s his THC-infused strawberry cider, named Strawberry Avenue.

Hiking Near Portland Has Become a Headache. A Local Web Developer Has Created an App to Relieve the Pain.

TrailCheck is an app allowing users to crowdsource the information that matters to hikers most, from parking lot capacity to trail conditions.

The Visitors

In record numbers, people are coming to Portland to hog our trails, smoke our weed and drink our beer. We joined them.

The Creators of NSFW Card Game Exploding Kittens Are Bringing a Gaming Convention to Portland—And It’s Weird As Hell

Scheduled events so far include a cat-themed take on American Gladiator, a dunk tank full of LaCroix and the world’s largest game of freeze tag—plus a burning cat effigy.

TJ’s Combines Two of Portland’s Biggest Obsessions: Weed and Coffee

Unlike the clinical aesthetic of most dispensaries, which can feel overwhelming to newbies, TJ’s feels homey.

You’ll Be Able to Buy CBD Products at Portland Pickles Games This Summer

Lazarus Naturals, a CBD company headquartered in Portland, will begin a sponsorship deal with the local collegiate woodbat baseball team when its season kicks off this summer.

Whether You’re a Weed Newbie or Total Ganja Geek, Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Cultivation Classic 2019

To help you get the most out of it, we’ve created a guide tailored to the individual enthusiast’s needs.

Here’s the Full List of Winners from Cultivation Classic 2019

Cultivation Classic is Oregon’s foremost organic cannabis competition.

Shoplifters of Portland Unite in the Trailer for New Netflix Series “Trinkets”

Based on the novel written by Kirsten Smith, “Trinkets” tells the story of three teenage girls struggling with the challenges of high school, relationships, and kleptomania.

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